Dilan Jay and Evan Miranda met at the grocery store when Los Angeles got shut down by mandatory COVID-19 quarantines. They found out they lived two houses down from each other, and decided to get together to collaborate musically given their multi-instrumentalist and performance backgrounds. Months of being housebound with no resurgence of pre-pandemic society in sight bore an idea: play every week for the neighbors from the driveway. Playing together every week, and intentionally rounding up the neighbors for their live shows, spurred a joke that they were conducting “townhall meetings” for their community, but the name stuck. 

They named themselves townhall, and created their first album named after the zip code they entertained during quarantine. A fusion of hip hip, pop, r&b, and acoustic singer-songwriter songs, EP 91356 is fresh sounds, love swoons, and party vibes all wrapped into one. 91356 came out of a pandemic, when nothing was allowed except for starting from zero and creating something new. 

Multi-Instrumentalist Musician & Vocalist

Dilan Jay is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and guitarist from Los Angeles, CA. He was the first artist from his country of heritage to place on the U.S. Billboard Charts, and get a #1 on MTV’s Most Popular Music Videos. Dilan is considered one of the top artists from his country with six #1 musical hits, 4 hip hop albums, 3 acoustic albums, and professional experience as a DJ since age 12. Dilan spent 8 years as a rapper under his former pseudonym, “DeLon”, during which time he produced 4 hip hop albums, 2 mixtapes, more than 1,000 songs, and was an official artist at South By Southwest music festival.

He is known by his followers as the “King of Ceylon” and has collaborated with American songwriter Jacob Luttrell, singer Ty Dolla $ign, and other prominent producers. Dilan retired from his rapping career as DeLon in 2016. Adopting Dilan Jay to help represent his new musical direction, Dilan released 2 acoustic singing albums, 3.14 and Songs About Love and Other Stuff, with sounds similar to Ed Sheeran, John Mayer. In 2020, he created with band partner Evan Miranda townhall.